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I missed yesterday.

April 4th+5th 2020

photo on fedi also

It happens. The guilt will pass.

Yesterday I built a small wall along my path to the bus. There were all these bricks laying around and I wanted to put them to use. I also remade the firepit wall, before it had been half knocked over and trampled and many of the bricks were smashed, so I rebuilt it with only full bricks. I took the time to chisel off the all the mortar around all the old bricks so that they would stack cleanly.

I made some jam tonight. I picked black raspberries, loquats and mulberries. I didn't add anything, only boiling them down and evaporating the water. Ended up with slightly less then one pint jar of jam. mIEKAL said it should be fine in the fridge for weeks without any additives. Now I just need to get my flour.

There are three things I need to remember. I have forgotten two of them. The one thing that I still do remember is that two of the things have been forgotten.

I am sitting in my bus really wishing I had some snacks. I don't really have any snack food at all here. The closest thing to snack food I have currently is half a bag of goji berries. It was a full bag yesterday but then I started munching on them while watching something last night and ate way too many of them...

So I wrote the above paragraph and went into the house to look for a snack. While I was toasting a piece of bread in the kitchen, my roommate (sleep?) walked into the hallway and peed all all over the floor about three feet from the bathroom door. Either they were super drunk or sleep walking. But either way I have never seen someone randomly walk into a room and pee all over the floor.


from It's the Daily Scream!

Do I talk about all the things that happened today?

April 3rd

fedi photo post

Or do I go into detail as to what I learned from those things? Again with asking myself endless questions. That is all I really have are more questions. I did some serious cleaning today and that surely was a good thing.

I sit here across from a mirror. I don't think this mirror is helping my focus though so maybe I will have to move it. I finally have working internet in the bus thanks to a hacked wireless router that Mikey have me. Its even flashed to DD-WRT, I named it TRASH FUTURE.

If I set up more of a kitchen thing here I think I would be better equipped to be settled in this bus for a bit. That and a fan. I guess I could get this aircon running again...

I put off writing again too long and now I just feel burnt out. I have to remember I need to write early on in the evening if I am actually going to do this writing every day.

Watching movies in the bus without having to download them first is gonna be really nice. I think it will help me spend more time in here. I only wish the bus wasn't so slanted. I guess I should try to rehab the batteries. That is a process I could attempt to do without having to spend a bunch of money...


from It's the Daily Scream!

There are only so many things I am able to say.

April 2nd 2020

also posted on the fediverse

For instance pretty much anything in another language. Think of all the different emotions I could potentially convey in other languages that have no translation. Actually that's impossible without learning the language first because translation is only a partial step in the way things are able to be expressed. I am reminded of how trapped we are in our past ways of thinking and communicating. We are literal incarnations of every previous moment. We continue to exist moment by moment while also existing in every past moment we have ever existed in. This is a conundrum that will eternally frustrate the humanness into us. I guess we can relish this problem to keep living out our best self's.

Alyssa just delivered a large box of dumpstered food to the house. Such a nice gift. They also washed the large bed sheet that I gave back to them after they moved out of my bus that was covered in dog hair. They didn't want it cause it didn't fit their new bed.

I spent much of the day looking through a box of “paper stuff” that I hadn't looked through for a long time. It contained all sorts of things that somehow were special. I had picked that box thinking it might contain many things that could be gotten rid of. But when I started going through it everything within it had memories attached. How many times must I keep going through these things and holding onto them?

I just made a cup of ginger tea with manuka honey. It is too hot for me to drink right now which is a bit frustrating cause I want to! I don't know what to write down here right now. I was thinking about restarting Duolingo Arabic from the beginning. I feel like there was too much time in between my lessons and now I am confused when I try to do the harder ones they give me. So maybe if I start from basics it will help. I think this is gonna have to do for today. Good night fediverse.


from It's the Daily Scream!

For every day I am alive I have eaten something.

April 1st 2020

posted on the fediverse separately I don't think there is a single day in my life I have not put some edible thing in my mouth and swallowed. There are days that I have not slept at all. There are days that I have not drank a single glass of water. If I am trying to ascertain my position in the universe and what it is I am suppose to do next that seems to be a good start. Find out what I have done so far. Famous made many connections in my life. I came to New Orleans with Famous and Felix for the first time on a whim. I met Rusty Lazer through Famous. I met Corinne through Rusty. I met Andrew through Corinne. Andrew had a bus. That bus was very inspiring to me to see Andrew work on it. Part of the inspiration led me to look for buses on the auction site and then me and Paloma ended up getting the bus together. I am sitting on a couch right now inside said bus. Tracing the lines between the people I have met and the things I have done. There are all these places I have traveled in my live but I have no idea why I went to any of them? What was I looking for? What was the point? Why did me and Paloma go to Kazakhstan together? It was there the last time I shaved my head. The old Muslim man with the bird in the bag on the wall. It was a tiny room. They must have been in their mid 70s. I sat down on the chair and we gestured to shave it all. K and PK watched from the outside of the shop, there was a cement ledge that ran along the buildings that the shop was in. Where does this story go? What is the purpose of any of these actions we take?

I was in the woods many times. Sometimes looking at mushrooms up close. Usually with some friends. Have I explored the woods alone? I think very rarely. I must have but I can't recall any specifics right now. I have always been excited about various animals. Finding frogs would always brighten my day. And again I lose track of where I am going.

To write a story in linear time one must have some idea of the passage of linear time and also maybe a purpose for telling the story. I don't. I know I want to get better at describing the world around me and transcribing the ideas that swirl in my head into a form that can be cherished for later. Maybe so my madness has a vague reason for existing. I think about Claire a good deal. Maybe I need to reach out to Claire and ask something of them. I scanned all those pictures while sitting in Tara's mothers floor in Taos. I forgot about that and just now remembered when writing this down. I never even finished cropping them. When was that? Christmas in the Taos Pueblo. Was that actually less then a year ago? No that doesn't work out, it must have been a year a 3 months ago. It feels like an eternity. So many relationships ended in unresolved chaos. I don't like that. But what is an end made of? How does one end a relationship without chaos?


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How I came to be me.

March 31st 2020

image posted on the fediverse

The meeting took place on a bench. This is an arbitrary starting point of course, but all starting points are whether we like it or not. There must be a meeting that took place on a bench that had some major effect on me. It is too common of a action to not have happened so often as to permeate the essence of my self. Was it a meeting that I had or a meeting that some other humans had in my absence? I would make the assumption both have happened. Trying to recall a bench that had some important meeting; the image of the spool tables in the yard at Dreamtime comeback to me, I made blue glass beads with a broken Arizona ice tea bottle and a handheld blowtorch. The same position in the garden that I first saw Tiffany making wire sculptures. Maybe Tiffany was inspired by Dan The Wire Man. Both of their creations made with trash were very inspiring to me. I must have been no older then 12.

The position of those tables? So much was done in that little yard between the chicken coop and the back door of the Hotel. The spot where we got the free wooden spools from the electric company. The same spot where I would meet with rides to get to Viroqua to get to high school those 4 years. I have been saying it was four years all this time but actually I have no idea how many years it really was. How did I start going to school in the first place? Lyx met some people through the yoga class who were starting a high school? I could probably ask Eddy these questions since they were around at the beginning of the school. But maybe that part of the story isn't interesting. How did I end up living in New Orleans? I want to leave here, I am sick of this place. I am ready for a new chapter. I want to start an advocacy program for the advancement of certain goals. The goal of money not being one of them. Maybe in trade for food. I guess what else do I need? Housing and somehow plane tickets. I would love to be able to fly without paying any money. Maybe to achieve that I need to build a plane? But that is a major undertaking that I don't have time for. I don't even know how to start that car that's parked next to me. I guess that is a goal I could try to achieve. Oh also I wonder about putting the internals of Brianne's car into another car to make it legal? Maybe also not worth the effort. I guess one of the major problems in my life has been figuring out what to base my decisions on.

The feeling that all decisions are arbitrary has always bothered me. But really most of them are. I know I need to keep eating food and drinking water. That reminds me I should probably drink some water. I forget to drink water most of the time. I only remember to drink caffeine or other such liquids. Where was I going? The connections cobbled together from years of living at Dreamtime have set me up to be where I am today. But where is this place that I am? What have learned and what have I forgotten? I could ask myself questions until I was board of asking questions but that would serve to purpose. I am happy to keep living and doing things but I would love some guidance on the matter. I felt so sure of what I wanted getting back from Berlin last time. And then I got back into the states and was sucked up into an abyss of confusion as to how to proceed.

Ping ponging back and forth now has only made me certain I want to be there. But how does that work out? What to do with all this shit I have collected over the years? I really don't need anything but then I also don't want to see all the work I put into keeping these belongings safe go to waste. All the trash I have collected over the years feels like it must have been for some reason. But what reason could that even be? Reasons: what is a reason if not a moral judgement as to the purpose of life and how the next point in that life will effect the point after.


from flux

애플이 중국 정부의 압력에 굴복해 앱 배달을 중단함에 따라 언론은 회사에 대한 비판을 강화하고 있다. 애플은 홍콩 시민들이 시위 상황을 파악하기 위한 앱스토어에서 HKMap Live를 삭제했는데, 이에 대해 회사가 인권보다 이익을 우선시했다는 비난이 쏟아지고 있다.

언론은 애플이 과거에도 여러 차례 중국 정부의 압력에 굴복해 왔으며, 회사가 새로 런칭한 영상 스트리밍 서비스인 애플 TV+의 콘텐츠를 자체 검열하고 있다고 보도하고 있다. 애플의 중국 사업이 이토록 광범위하게 걸쳐 트러블에 직면해 풍문 피해가 장기에 이르게 될 가능성이 있는 것은 처음 있는 일이다.

HKMap Live에 대한 애플의 반응은 엎치락뒤치락했다.이 앱은 홍콩 시민들이 시위와 경찰 단속에 관한 정보를 게시할 수 있다. 애플은 사용자가 경찰 단속을 피할 수 있게 된다며 앱을 승인하지 않았지만, 사회적 비판의 고조를 받아 회사는 결정을 뒤집어 배포를 인정했다.

그러나 중국 정부계 언론이 애플의 이번 앱 승인은 중대한 결과를 초래한다고 경고하자 애플은 다시 배포를 중단한 것이다.

일련의 비판에 대해 애플의 팀 쿡 CEO는 직원들에게 다음과 같은 메시지를 전달했다.

“이 결정은 결코 쉬운 것이 아니었으며 지금도 논쟁이 계속되고 있으므로 이에 대해 논의하기 어렵다.”

팀 쿡은 메일에서 해당 앱이 개인 경찰을 공격의 대상으로 만들거나 경찰이 부재한 곳에서 건물이나 개인에게 피해를 주는 것과 같은 악의적인 사용법을 얻게 되면 홍콩 사이버보안 기술범죄국이 이에 대한 정보를 얻게될 수도 있다고도 밝혔다.

그러나 애플의 주요 출처가 홍콩 정부인 점을 감안할 때, 신빙성에 대한 물음표가 붙는다. 애플은 경찰이 집중되어있는 곳을 보여 주며개인 단위로 경찰의 행동을 추적할 수 없다. 또한 지도에 아무것도 기재되지 않는다고 해서 경찰이 단속을 하지 않는 것도 결코 아니다.

홍콩 특별 행정 구역 입법 회의에 소속된 찰스 모크는 쿡에게 항의 서한을 보냈다고 밝혔는데, 이는 애플이 가치보다 이익을 우선시했다고 비판함과 동시에 경찰의 만행을 피하려는 일반 홍콩 시민들에게 불이익을 가져다 줄 것이라고 밝힌 바 있다.


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from catgoat

I keep going back and forth on staying with the company I'm with or moving on. I think myself and our QA team member are going to leave this year, but no one else knows that yet.

I have the chance to work with a start up a previous coworker works at — and I think I should take it. It's a pay cut, though, and not an insignificant one. The catch I guess, is current work does profit sharing.. and that's almost like a trap. If you know you can get a large chunk of money at the end of every year if you can just tough it out, it feels like a sunk cost fallacy almost. If you don't find that new job in January, or the first half of the year, it feels like you might as well stay until that bonus comes. But I also realize that I have enough money saved up I could take time away from working — since I live in one of the few US states where you don't get fucked healthcare-wise if you are unemployed... I don't think I'll do it but knowing that's an option kind of makes me feel like I have some kind of option/escape route.

Anyway I guess for now I need to come up with project ideas for python... maybe I'll do some mastodon stuff or something. I dunno. Just have to keep my skills sharp and my options open.

On non work-related things, I actually understood a few words of Finnish reading, of all things, the McDonald's finland site lol. I guess studying a little every day is paying off already!


from catgoat

I'm setting up #misskey as a test. This blog entry is basically scratchpad/notes I take while I'm doing setup stuff. Mostly this is for me, but if it helps anyone else, that's cool too.

First off I'm going to set this up on a base $5/mo digital ocean droplet. I'm going for ubuntu 19.04. Misskey's docs say you need redis, node, and postgres with optionally elastic search and ffmpeg. I am also going to be using nginx and certbot.

There also appears to be a docker image but since there is not english doc for it in the setup I don't think I will go that route!!

create DO droplet I added my SSH key so I could SSH in with it immediately as root@ip Add a user for yourself and disable SSH for root — look at this if you don't know what i mean if you set up an SSH key when you made the droplet then do the manual version. Add PermitRootLogin No to the ssh config file mentioned once you're sure that you can login as your new user.

Before proceeding, I ran sudo apt-get update and also upgraded ubuntu to latest.

Update node:

Install postgres

Install redis sudo apt-get install redis

install elasticsearch (optional) — follow the instructions for adding it to systemd

install ffmpeg sudo apt-get install ffmpeg

install build-essentials sudo apt-get install build-essential (needed for some node dependencies)

follow the steps to clone the repo.

now setup ufw and nginx follow these:

now we can add nginx's config file for the server block, following the steps in the “how to install nginx” tutorial. start with this for a sample: run sudo nginx -t to test your config! now we can do a certificate:

update your nginx config and add the correct lets encrypt info.

From here on out I switched back and forth between user misskey and myself. When running the steps provided from the misskey team, i did sudo su - misskey to switch, and exited back to my own account if i needed to run sudo.

now follow the build steps in the misskey install steps I ran into this issue:

Then I ran out of memory when web pack was running lol, so i needed to make a swapfile which i allocated 1gb for and then add this node variable export NODE_OPTIONS=--max_old_space_size=4096 see:

great!! almost there..

Create a postgres user and database see documentation for createuser here: enter postgres by typing sudo -u postgres psql after you've created your user do this in psql: CREATE DATABASE yourdb;' 'GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON DATABASE yourdb TO youruser; \q to quit

switch back to misskey user... run the npm run init command as user misskey.

now you can follow the steps in the GitHub instructions to run and then create misskey as a service!

reload nginx after misskey is started, and you should be set! GL!!

For email I am using mailgun and I followed their instructions for domain setup. I also added it within the admin interface with SMTP authentication.

DO spaces has an issue where you cannot set default file privacy

However, if you pick up the line of code tamaina points out in the GitHub issue you can add the header you need to make everything public by default