03.19.2021 “Designing a Society”

A wealth of ideas and running low on time. I wish there were more time but there are always more ideas. I crave knowledge more then anything. But knowledge is no fun without an outlet to share it. I want to be integrated into a future where everyone around me wants to learn from each other all the time. That we all realize there are ways we can help each other and techniques for improving each other’s well being constantly. I wonder what the original collage was like before bureaucracy took precedence. I can imagine being in a place where people really want to learn and people really want to teach and both those things are happening in conjunction to be so very powerful. It seems like School for Designing a Society really had an incredibly rare and exciting way of pedagogy. What other projects are co-creating knowledge in that dynamic now? While writing that last sentence I looked up SfDaS on YouTube and found a clip of Mark Enslin and Susan Parenti talking in a way I remember quite fondly. I guess through them a lot of really wonderful figures landed at Dreamtime. Rob Scott was someone I remember very fondly teaching me about art and creativity in ways that stick with me. They were also the folks who brought Herbert Brün to DTV and have a strong link with that being somehow important in my development. This connection idea would actually be a really great concept for a podcast. I wonder if that is something Lucia might want to help with. Interviewing people about their memories of Dreamtime and even just the connections that resulted in that framework. There are thousands of people who could be interviewed if there were just some way to start. Maybe the interviews could be passed down from one person to the next so the podcast wouldn’t have to have my voice as a central connection.