03.17.2021 “about the reasons religion sticks”

Spent the first part of the day at a funeral. It was really really bizarre to sit there and see the face of a non living body. It really had no human in it anymore. Watching everyone feel sad and confused and seeing how little advice the religion was serving was eye opening. I hadn't been in a church in awhile and I was taken by how strangely cold and removed the place was. It really isn't built to make you feel comfortable. Being in a building with ceilings that high is nice but then its so strange that you are made to stare ahead at someone on a normal stage height. Why isn't the pastor suspended from a pulley hanging from the peak of the room? That would make the dynamics of the architecture make more sense to me. Thinking about the reasons religion sticks. It really seems like it should have puttered out by now. Maybe that is short sighted of me. How little people know of what they believe just goes to show how lasting a mythos can be over reasons and logic. And even so when you go to add up most of our logic the things we believe are just vague assumptions.