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/now merveilles

After making a tiny website for the Merveilles webring banners I was going through and updating parts of my website. I remembered that I had a /now page on my website. And then thought, oh I wonder if there is a list of /now pages on the webring home but there wasn't so I set out to make one. What I didn't expect was that it would take me almost 3 hours to click through all 160 links. Granted I got distracted by a some of these awesome websites and started digging deeper into them. Below is the list I came up with after my click-a-thon was done. In my search I discovered that the /now movement had actually started in 2015 and had nothing to do with the Merveilles community. There is a directory of /now pages at for the general public, but this here is a list of Merveilles /now... (redirects to site/now.html) (uses a subdomain, /now on main site doesn't work) (/now gives 404) (/now redirects to /#now, cant tell if this is actually a now page) (/now gives 404) (now part is on homepage, /now gives a 404) (site isn't a personal domain) (/now redirects to the .html) (redirects to site/now.html) (/now gives 404) (/now gives 404) (they don't seem to have a now page but get points for their 404 asking if I want to make the page for them right there and letting me start writing) (/now gives 404) (/now gives 404)

Hello world! this is a test of the punycode support of a actor...