03.16.2021 “canning jars only”

I have always loved jars. I remember thinking when I was young that people who drink tea and coffee out of jars are superior because they can close them whenever and not have flies and bugs land in their drinks. I grew up canning lots of stuff when I was young. I always liked the process. I would help my mother as far back as I can remember when we would start canning our yearly harvest. When I started thinking about standardization and how important standard measurements are in the reuse of material, canning jars always stuck out. The fact that they are designed in a totally modular way makes them much more reusable. Why are all jars not made with reuse in mind. There is way way too much diversity in the screw dimensions of jars. One think I was thinking that could be somewhat of a temporary solution is some type of universal screw top adapters. A ring that you screw onto jars that convert them into the canning jar standard. But really what would be more useful is to get all the large manufacturers of jars to just sit down and agree on like 3 sizes of screw lids. The other issue is that there are many different sizes of just the screw parts that sometimes don't align. With canning/mason jars there is a standard and they all fit together. I still find it so comforting to have all my food stuff in canning jars only. Knowing that I don't have to search for lids cause there are only regular and wide mouth lids. What could we do to increase the amount of standardization in our society?