03.15.2021 “staying in the punk family”

After coffee I took Lucia on their first scooter ride. We went to the free store to look for some fabric for this curtain Lucia is making. We pulled up to a person sitting in front doing their nails next to this huge box of nail polish. I joined them and painted my nails each a different color in mostly blue hues. Worked on cleaning up and organizing in the free store a bit and then some friends showed up. The only things I took are a collection of square metal tins with rounded corners that were originally meant to store Fossil watches. I already painted one black, it looks real nice now. On our way back we found a large white cutting board, which was something I needed to find for our roommate after I gave away their cutting board by accident. We got home and I noticed the folks that are squatting the house next door were outside and I had been meaning to meet them. I went over and introduced myself and found out that it was a house I had actually been to before. It's sharing a fence with this house me and Lucia moved into but I didn't recognize it from the outside. It was Neight Train's house, this sweet kid who was murdered almost 5 years ago. I attended their funeral procession to The End of the World. It was a beautiful very moving event. Anyway the house ended up staying in the punk family and a bunch of people stayed there for many years. Last time I was at the house I got a tattoo of a frame of this from my friend Franki. Back to present day; everyone was apparently evicted and left a ton of stuff in the house and the person is squatting there encouraged us to go look through it and take whatever we wanted. The score that I found was a collection of porcelain powdered glazes in little vials. Over twenty colors! I found a very nice small can of black enamel paint and a glass chess set that fits the board I made for Lucia's birthday.