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Kitchen fun

So I'm in the process of getting the kitchen redone because it's straight up just falling apart in every way, which has been great :F. I am working with a contractor 'cause I am a little handy but I am not that handy. You have to make so many fricken choices about everything and it's super overwhelming, like standing in the jelly aisle of the store and there's like 50 different types of jelly, and you gotta pick which one. I'm mostly just like, damn I just want a useable kitchen. At least so far the professionals i've encountered are pretty decent? Unlike previous projects....

I keep going back and forth on staying with the company I'm with or moving on. I think myself and our QA team member are going to leave this year, but no one else knows that yet.

I have the chance to work with a start up a previous coworker works at — and I think I should take it. It's a pay cut, though, and not an insignificant one. The catch I guess, is current work does profit sharing.. and that's almost like a trap. If you know you can get a large chunk of money at the end of every year if you can just tough it out, it feels like a sunk cost fallacy almost. If you don't find that new job in January, or the first half of the year, it feels like you might as well stay until that bonus comes. But I also realize that I have enough money saved up I could take time away from working — since I live in one of the few US states where you don't get fucked healthcare-wise if you are unemployed... I don't think I'll do it but knowing that's an option kind of makes me feel like I have some kind of option/escape route.

Anyway I guess for now I need to come up with project ideas for python... maybe I'll do some mastodon stuff or something. I dunno. Just have to keep my skills sharp and my options open.

On non work-related things, I actually understood a few words of Finnish reading, of all things, the McDonald's finland site lol. I guess studying a little every day is paying off already!

I'm setting up #misskey as a test. This blog entry is basically scratchpad/notes I take while I'm doing setup stuff. Mostly this is for me, but if it helps anyone else, that's cool too.

First off I'm going to set this up on a base $5/mo digital ocean droplet. I'm going for ubuntu 19.04. Misskey's docs say you need redis, node, and postgres with optionally elastic search and ffmpeg. I am also going to be using nginx and certbot.

There also appears to be a docker image but since there is not english doc for it in the setup I don't think I will go that route!!

create DO droplet I added my SSH key so I could SSH in with it immediately as root@ip Add a user for yourself and disable SSH for root — look at this if you don't know what i mean if you set up an SSH key when you made the droplet then do the manual version. Add PermitRootLogin No to the ssh config file mentioned once you're sure that you can login as your new user.

Before proceeding, I ran sudo apt-get update and also upgraded ubuntu to latest.

Update node:

Install postgres

Install redis sudo apt-get install redis

install elasticsearch (optional) — follow the instructions for adding it to systemd

install ffmpeg sudo apt-get install ffmpeg

install build-essentials sudo apt-get install build-essential (needed for some node dependencies)

follow the steps to clone the repo.

now setup ufw and nginx follow these:

now we can add nginx's config file for the server block, following the steps in the “how to install nginx” tutorial. start with this for a sample: run sudo nginx -t to test your config! now we can do a certificate:

update your nginx config and add the correct lets encrypt info.

From here on out I switched back and forth between user misskey and myself. When running the steps provided from the misskey team, i did sudo su - misskey to switch, and exited back to my own account if i needed to run sudo.

now follow the build steps in the misskey install steps I ran into this issue:

Then I ran out of memory when web pack was running lol, so i needed to make a swapfile which i allocated 1gb for and then add this node variable export NODE_OPTIONS=--max_old_space_size=4096 see:

great!! almost there..

Create a postgres user and database see documentation for createuser here: enter postgres by typing sudo -u postgres psql after you've created your user do this in psql: CREATE DATABASE yourdb;' 'GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON DATABASE yourdb TO youruser; \q to quit

switch back to misskey user... run the npm run init command as user misskey.

now you can follow the steps in the GitHub instructions to run and then create misskey as a service!

reload nginx after misskey is started, and you should be set! GL!!

For email I am using mailgun and I followed their instructions for domain setup. I also added it within the admin interface with SMTP authentication.

DO spaces has an issue where you cannot set default file privacy

However, if you pick up the line of code tamaina points out in the GitHub issue you can add the header you need to make everything public by default

earlier this year I installed a hot water bidet shower in the bathroom, which was kinda the first plumbing project I've done? It wasn't like, super easy, but so far it has held up. Now I'm about to embark on my next house adventure because the pop up drain in the bathroom sink broke!! I think I hulked it apart cleaning the drain out with one of those zip-it snakes. Oopsies. Looks pretty straightforward... I might also try fixing the toilet flapper too, since it's not broken yet but I can tell it's sorta on the way.

Yesterday my bud came over and helped me do some yard work, it was pretty satisfying and we planted a ton of flowers while i was keeping an eye on work emails... I saw a couple insects around the flowers already today. The difference in before/after of the #house is pretty awesome from when I bought it until now. Just gotta keep going!

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This post is entirely a boring af recounting of my furnace breaking down and why I #love being a #homeowner.

So last week I woke up to it being cold as fuck on the first floor of the house. Granted, that’s kind of normal because the basement is particularly terribly insulated, but this was accompanied by an ominous message from the Ecobee along the lines of: “the thermostat has been calling for heat for the past 3 hours, but the temperature has dropped by 3F, check that the equipment is functioning properly”

Oh boy. this has happened before and usually just means maybe I waited too long to change a filter, the pump tripped the gfci, or the air intake got blocked somehow. So I go down there and start pulling shit out and resetting it. That’s all fine and good, but when I cycle the furnace on and off it just starts flashing a diagnostic LED. helpfully, that’s on the door: open limit switch. Open limit switch? The hell does that mean? Google doesn’t enlighten me much. Could mean any number of things, but it might just be a bad switch. That doesn’t sound terrible, time to call an HVAC person because I have exhausted my furnace knowledge.

So I’m going to go back for a second to explain, when I bought the house it was pretty clear whoever installed the furnace was a hack, it was sitting on some bricks in a dirt pit and the duct work was a total fucking disaster left over from the octopus furnace days of olde. And none of it was insulated. My ex roommate did wrap the ducts up which helped but they were full of holes and in some places just totally blowing up into the floor, with no duct boot or anything.

Anyway I called the HVAC person and he spends a good like, 30 minutes trying shit before he gets out a camera and starts poking around the insides and oops, the heat exchanger cracked, which he was kind enough to show me on camera and then offer to take apart the furnace and show me to be 100% sure if they did replace the furnace. He thought maybe the blower motor was struggling because of poor air flow if I hadn’t changed the filter often enough but it had been running for a week on a brand new filter... so..

Now I’ve got to get a new furnace, and I’m talking with their sales guy and he’s like “you know this is a 100,000 BTU furnace?” which I kind of laughed and was like “what the fuck?” because the first thing I did was dive headfirst into reading about new furnace shit, and my house is like... 1400sq feet. That’s like, a 60,000 BTU furnace or so. So the working theory is that the overkill furnace cycled on and off so much it just self destructed, along with the undersized duct work.

While they’re in there, I’m like, you know what? Just do the duct work too. This whole thing sucks and there’s no point in getting a nice new furnace if the duct work is a steaming pile of shit.

So they ripped out fucking everything in the basement and replaced it: new intake/exhaust, new furnace, new ducts. It's more comfortable already, and way quieter than what was there before. Also it looks actually professionally done instead of just heaped into a pit like the old one.

I ended up taking financing but I'm just going to use it to boost my credit score by paying it off with the HELOC I have.

yo for real I fucking love this uncalendar planner thing I have. had one for a while so I grabbed one, and I’ve been actually pretty consistently using it and filling it out. I don’t think it perfectly solves all my scheduling and inability to prioritize stuff but it does help me remember the schedule for the week and ideas I’ve had.

I split the left hand into a shopping list, work notes, and house chores to-do, and scribble ideas in around there. The days area on the right hand, I pencil in the dog medication schedule (it’s a little complicated) and my meetings, appointments, and work tasks for the day. It has a month schedule where I write in appointments for the month and bills I need to pay. And over in the notes section in the back I put in like, plans for bigger stuff. Long vacations, Christmas gifting, complicated house projects.

I decorated it with washi tape and stickers so I feel like it’s personalized and something that’s mine. It does make a difference, if I decorate the weekly section nicely I’m more likely to use it that week!

Talking with my coworkers about house stuff and damn it’s expensive to have anything redone. I really want to learn more DIY skills but I’m always really nervous I’ll fuck up something catastrophically lol.

I also find dealing with contractors to be a little nervewracking. I’ve had less than amazing experiences with a few.

There’s only 3 rooms I very earnestly want to gut and redo, but they’re all difficult ones! I was thinking of maybe throwing an architect some money to come up with plans for the house... like having a professional inform the overall look and feel of the house would be really nice? Maybe even tell me how I can use the space better. But I am worried because I find it hard to speak up for myself and talk about what I want for a space to contractors/strangers?? I do have some kind of specific wants but yea. Hmm.

Like I really want to slap a half bath somewhere and leave the current bathroom for a big tub and shower combo for having a spa time.... ah well. I’ll think about it more I guess 🤔🤔