break all the things fix all the things

earlier this year I installed a hot water bidet shower in the bathroom, which was kinda the first plumbing project I've done? It wasn't like, super easy, but so far it has held up. Now I'm about to embark on my next house adventure because the pop up drain in the bathroom sink broke!! I think I hulked it apart cleaning the drain out with one of those zip-it snakes. Oopsies. Looks pretty straightforward... I might also try fixing the toilet flapper too, since it's not broken yet but I can tell it's sorta on the way.

Yesterday my bud came over and helped me do some yard work, it was pretty satisfying and we planted a ton of flowers while i was keeping an eye on work emails... I saw a couple insects around the flowers already today. The difference in before/after of the #house is pretty awesome from when I bought it until now. Just gotta keep going!