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thinking about how we've had decent luck garbage-picking furniture and such, which is good b/c it's quite hard to find things on craigslist cheaply around here.

within 3 years, we've gotten:

  • floor lamp with 5 adjustable arms, each with a socket and translucent lampshade — one of the sockets was broken, as was its lampshade, so we took it out (with the help of an electrician we know). the other four are all in good condition. also the switch is just a nub that's difficult to turn; it may have had a cover on it previously? but there's also a little slot down the middle, so we superglued a little metal butterfly into the slot, and now the switch is easy to turn and cute!
  • dresser — good condition except that two of the drawers had broken and been duct-taped back together, and it can't hold anything that's remotely heavy. we've been going through our belongings the past few days and no longer need the storage it provided, so we're giving it to someone else now.
  • mini trash can with a foot pedal to open the lid
  • cd rack (?) — it's a long wooden box, with 6 compartments which are raised up at an angle, and it works well for storing cds. our new desk has a built-in cd tower, so we're currently using it to hold various small items we found while cleaning our room.
  • shoe rack
  • small chest of drawers — it didn't have any handles, but there were two holes where each handle was, so we braided some t-shirt yarn, looped it through the holes, and tied it on.
  • another shoe rack, except it appears to be intended to be mounted on a wall with screws, and we couldn't figure out any other way of hanging it or getting it to stand up, so we'll be giving it away eventually.
  • cabinet with shelves inside — put it in our closet, and put all of our clothes that don't go on hangers (and aren't shoes) inside, so now all of our clothes are in our closet! the dresser we were previously using for clothes was here when we moved in, and it's super bulky so we wouldn't wanna take it with us even if we were allowed.

some notable non-furniture finds:

  • yellow purse, with a handwriting practice notebook inside — you know those sheets of paper they give to kids learning how to write? it's like that, but the lines are college-rule width rather than Large. this is honestly one of our most beloved trash finds. the purse wasn't really our style, but a friend took it.
  • another purse — we kept it around for a while, but it's too small for our daily use and we have a better Small Purse now, so we'll be giving it away.
  • big umbrella — the handle was made of foam and it was all crusty from being worn away, so we just. wrapped it up in duct tape lol. other than that it's in really good shape.