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Okay so there's a (now-inactive) blog on LiveJournal called “Multiple Monday”, which used to post weekly questions for plural folks. We've seen a few systems go through and answer them years after they were originally posted, and a couple years ago we tried doing the same, but didn't make it very far. Let's see how far we make it this time! Here are the questions we'll be answering.

Usually, only one person fronts at any given time. There've been a handful of times where two or three people co-fronted, though—often this is because someone wanted to be there for whatever reason, but wanted someone else actually speaking/using our body (usually for Dysphoria reasons), or they just needed someone to hold their hand (metaphorically, or not-so-metaphorically, speaking.)

Also, lately we've been having more experiences of being two people blended together, even if such is only the middle panels of the TF sequence of us switching. Whereas before, it'd be that either:

  • person A fronts, then bam, person B takes their place, or
  • person A fronts, goes into headspace, does whatever, and then decides to switch with person B, who then comes to front.

When we first accepted ourselves as plural (in 2015), Sky and Merry both fronted pretty equally, making up the vast majority of time together. (For a few years, they and Victor were the only three who were even aware of existing.)

At some point, things switched over to Sky fronting 90+% of the time, and such has been the case until... like, not even a year ago. Sky still fronts most of the time, but it's definitely down to at least 70%, maybe even 60%? From y'all's perspective, it probably seems like more, since he still does most of the Posting.

Aside from Sky going days or weeks on his own, any given person usually fronts for 4 hours to 2 days at a time.

Aaaand question number 4, which didn't fit nicely into this: Our clothing choices are mostly the same, if only for convenience, but we definitely do have different preferences on some things. It's pretty hard to articulate—although probably a lot of that is because we don't know a lot about fashion—but if we look at a selfie we can sometimes Tell who picked our outfit that day.


you can buy go morse go! arcade edition here:

it was also in the bundle for racial justice & equality, if you bought that

practice uniform rival
bow K A V
shades M W C
bookworm D N F
sam's bff O G Y
headband I R U
headphones T Z S
  • B – beekeeper
  • E – home team
  • H – horse
  • J – glee club
  • L – exchange student
  • P – dj pom^3
  • Q – mascot
  • X – morse playing chicken

hi, sky here with an absolutely incredible mashup album which i've decided to listen to several times and think about things i like about each track. you can listen to the album & download it (for free!) right here:

on the bandcamp page, each track has its own commentary from all 3 artists, which is also probably worth reading if you're into the music

allison fleischer – kid blue

the spoken word sample that this starts off with is so great, taking a review of another record and framing it as being about your own music is such a power move. the goofy goober rock sample is really well-placed imo, and technologic feels thematically appropriate too. between those three, this should be the anthem of mashups; failing that, it's a pretty great way to kick off a mashup album

mothbeanie – paralyzed

probably the weakest song on the album imo, so i'm a little bummed it got put as the 2nd track. old to the new and bon, bon fit pretty well together tho, so there definitely is potential here

cheryl stelli – watch my back

a solid bop!! like for real, this is such a fun song, probably one of my favorites off the album. i don't even know what else to say about it, it's just Good Upbeat Music

mothbeanie – tower swift

i Love mashups that you can legitimately vibe to, and this track hits that so well. it has a pretty smooth, nostalgic feel to it for me.

cheryl stelli – keep your skates off my turf!

i don't know any of the samples in this one, so i'm not sure what to focus on when listening to it. it's pretty fun tho

allison fleischer – na

mostly layering “na na na” bits from various songs, but it Works

mothbeanie – cloud music

this song singlehandedly made me understand and appreciate love songs. when the nightcore sample hits is one of the most delightful things on this whole album

cheryl stelli – funk story

i have no clue what's happening here, but i like it. big chungus cave story. also this album samples two different pokémon raps and i respect that

allison fleischer – redesign your vyzee

this song makes me so fucking uncomfortable, i love it. all four samples fit together musically, but the way the lyrics bounce off each other is just Terrible (amazing)

cheryl stelli – super pizza

a pretty busy track that it manages not to be overwhelmingly in-your-face about it. i can jam to this

allison fleischer – treble

i love this for being both funny and legitimately just A Good Song. i like the sort of bookend effect it gets between the bass lessons and awolnation samples

mothbeanie – soap

a short but fun one

allison fleischer – junk king

i don't know why, but i like when mashups sample weirdly specific versions of songs—in this case, the “geddup offa that thing” sample is pulled from robots, the 3d animated movie

mothbeanie – drop it

probably my favorite track in terms of comedic value. i like spoken word samples that cut off into lyrical ones (the title track of this album also does this—“i'm very hungry, give me the ~video games~“) the bye bye bye and eye of the tiger insrumentals are extremely great, and the careful stacking in the lyrics of “drop it like it's hot”/“drop it like the nasdaq”/“i coulda dropped my croissant” getting completely wrecked by the alanis morissette sample at the end is just, inordinately funny to me

cheryl stelli – punk life

i can see cheryl's own argument that this track is boring, but it's a nice subtle groove, closer to being a “traditional mashup” (where the instrumentals of one song are combined w the vocals of another) than the rest of the album

mothbeanie – n.y.b.p.

i was extremely not expecting to hear an obscure-ish song that i really like (new york cheesecake by protodome) sampled in a meme mashup. it gets kinda kludgy at times, but overall p nice

mothbeanie – people are feeling hungry

here we fuckin go, the title track and the beginning of the finale! an incredibly fun one. i like how allison described it tbh: “It feels (in a good way) like going outside and being blinded by the sun while a huge festival is going on”. it's loud and bright and cheerful. and it finished off with “it's your move” by diana ross a.k.a. the song That One Vaporwave Song is remixed from, seeing as the next track starts off with that same vaporwave song. idk i just really like the concept of transitioning from one song, to another that samples the first.

allison fleischer – for war, fun, and weed

starts off simple, putting the vocals to hotel california over lisa frank 420 (which works really well for a while, but starts falling apart a bit before the other samples get piled on). putting a calmer track between the previous and next ones was a good decision. and like the previous track, it ends by setting up the next one (sampling some video about jojo references, when the next track starts off with the diamond is unbreakable theme song)

cheryl stelli – with a side of unbreakable burnt models

this song is a fuckin JAM. the cha cha slide sample is a little wonky at times, but other than that it's an extremely solid track. the groove is in the heart sample is perfectly timed, and just fits a lot better than it does in some of the three artist's other mashups (it's a running joke among them, as is the homebrew rap you'll hear in the next track)

cheryl stelli – golden love password 3: luluco's last galaxy

i haven't thought about space patrol luluco in Forever holy shit. anyway, as i mentioned earlier i really really love mashups that you can legitimately vibe to, and this track comes SO close to being another. literally the only thing keeping it from being so is that the cotton eye joe sample makes me laugh when it starts up. even the homebrew rap feels like it's just there for comedy in other mashups, but it Actually Works Musically here.

allison fleischer – who knows what would've happened

thanks to this track i now randomly think “if the internet existed, i would've put them on bandcamp” at various points throughout my day. in all honesty tho, it's a nice pleasant way to wrap up the album.

edit 2020-12-23: one of the artists now goes by cheryl stelli; edited to reflect that.

thinking about how we've had decent luck garbage-picking furniture and such, which is good b/c it's quite hard to find things on craigslist cheaply around here.

within 3 years, we've gotten:

  • floor lamp with 5 adjustable arms, each with a socket and translucent lampshade — one of the sockets was broken, as was its lampshade, so we took it out (with the help of an electrician we know). the other four are all in good condition. also the switch is just a nub that's difficult to turn; it may have had a cover on it previously? but there's also a little slot down the middle, so we superglued a little metal butterfly into the slot, and now the switch is easy to turn and cute!
  • dresser — good condition except that two of the drawers had broken and been duct-taped back together, and it can't hold anything that's remotely heavy. we've been going through our belongings the past few days and no longer need the storage it provided, so we're giving it to someone else now.
  • mini trash can with a foot pedal to open the lid
  • cd rack (?) — it's a long wooden box, with 6 compartments which are raised up at an angle, and it works well for storing cds. our new desk has a built-in cd tower, so we're currently using it to hold various small items we found while cleaning our room.
  • shoe rack
  • small chest of drawers — it didn't have any handles, but there were two holes where each handle was, so we braided some t-shirt yarn, looped it through the holes, and tied it on.
  • another shoe rack, except it appears to be intended to be mounted on a wall with screws, and we couldn't figure out any other way of hanging it or getting it to stand up, so we'll be giving it away eventually.
  • cabinet with shelves inside — put it in our closet, and put all of our clothes that don't go on hangers (and aren't shoes) inside, so now all of our clothes are in our closet! the dresser we were previously using for clothes was here when we moved in, and it's super bulky so we wouldn't wanna take it with us even if we were allowed.

some notable non-furniture finds:

  • yellow purse, with a handwriting practice notebook inside — you know those sheets of paper they give to kids learning how to write? it's like that, but the lines are college-rule width rather than Large. this is honestly one of our most beloved trash finds. the purse wasn't really our style, but a friend took it.
  • another purse — we kept it around for a while, but it's too small for our daily use and we have a better Small Purse now, so we'll be giving it away.
  • big umbrella — the handle was made of foam and it was all crusty from being worn away, so we just. wrapped it up in duct tape lol. other than that it's in really good shape.