January 3rd 2020

Still staying in uptown at Sarah's house, woke up early for some reason, I have been up since 8am. I made coffee for myself and read some news. I had plans to meet Julie at 3 but forgot about it and ended up having a pretty intense conversation for many hours in the afternoon until 2:45 and then looked at my phone and saw I had a missed message asking if we were still meeting. I rushed out of the house to meet up cause I hate being flaky. It was pouring a lot and the drive was very busy and took much longer then I was expecting. I got to Julies house and got a little tour and we had tea together. I brought my Brown pants to work on and we sewed together for an hour before they had to go to work.

I left there and headed to the Orange Couch. It's nice to go to a familiar place sometimes. I worked there for a bit, saw that I had a bunch of expiring domain emails in my spam folder in gmail and had to renew them. Sunny came by the cafe and I helped them on their new website a little but they were super tired so didn't stay long. I was working there till they were closing and only realized after they tapped me on my shoulder. I looked up and the place was empty and most of the chairs had been put on the tables. I was on my way back when K said they were craving Hanks, so I drove to get chicken and ran into an internet friend there who was also inline.

Drove back to Sarah's and cleaned up the house. Then drove their new car to the airport to pick them all up. I have never driven such a fancy car it was bizarre. The alignment was all off though which made it even stranger. It was like using a new computer with a broken keyboard or something.

Sarah gave me a new sweater, the colors are really good. I wish stuff was so tiny like data.

Today's Numbers: I spent $2.50 on coffee at Orange Couch and made 116 points in Arabic Duolingo