There are only so many things I am able to say.

April 2nd 2020

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For instance pretty much anything in another language. Think of all the different emotions I could potentially convey in other languages that have no translation. Actually that's impossible without learning the language first because translation is only a partial step in the way things are able to be expressed. I am reminded of how trapped we are in our past ways of thinking and communicating. We are literal incarnations of every previous moment. We continue to exist moment by moment while also existing in every past moment we have ever existed in. This is a conundrum that will eternally frustrate the humanness into us. I guess we can relish this problem to keep living out our best self's.

Alyssa just delivered a large box of dumpstered food to the house. Such a nice gift. They also washed the large bed sheet that I gave back to them after they moved out of my bus that was covered in dog hair. They didn't want it cause it didn't fit their new bed.

I spent much of the day looking through a box of “paper stuff” that I hadn't looked through for a long time. It contained all sorts of things that somehow were special. I had picked that box thinking it might contain many things that could be gotten rid of. But when I started going through it everything within it had memories attached. How many times must I keep going through these things and holding onto them?

I just made a cup of ginger tea with manuka honey. It is too hot for me to drink right now which is a bit frustrating cause I want to! I don't know what to write down here right now. I was thinking about restarting Duolingo Arabic from the beginning. I feel like there was too much time in between my lessons and now I am confused when I try to do the harder ones they give me. So maybe if I start from basics it will help. I think this is gonna have to do for today. Good night fediverse.