January 14th 2020

I woke up at 8:30am and made a cup of coffee. Me and K talked a bit and then I packed up and headed off by 9:30am to meet Corinne at their house. Got there by 10am and we talked for bit and then made breakfast. We made eggs/veggies pretty fast and then sat and ate. We got to my studio by noon and and started putting aside shelves and boxes and random stuff that would be useful for Corinne's project. We filled their car with stuff and by 2:30 were hungry again. Drove uptown and went to a place called The Daily Beet that was by Corinne's work. It was a bit more pricy then I expected so I had decided to pass on lunch but Corinne demanded to treat me so I relented.

“I was harvesting trash from the abyss of Zon's past” -Corinne Loperfido

All the stuff at its new home that I gave/lent to Corinne for their secret project:

also posted on the fedi

After unloading we stopped by my postal box and I checked my mail. The only thing I had there other then junk was an envelope with $30 in cash that was sent to me for an expiring domain name that I was suppose to renew. It felt quite ironic because I just payed 36 dollars for the last two months of having this mail box on the first place and this was one of the only things I have gotten in the mail in this time.

We went back to my studio to meet up with Damon and went through more boxes of stuff. It was harder cause it was the boxes of smaller important stuff that I had to really think about before letting them go.

On a tech note side I filled a bug for WriteFreely that I discovered last night and got a response from its founder. Thinking about how they responded reminded me some important issues that I hadn't thought about URL wise. I need to be more awake to properly address the points they brought up. But I am glad to be getting the opportunity to start this discussion

Today's Number's: I spent $7.75 at the New Orleans Food Coop on presents. Corinne bought me a quinoa and kale lunch and a coffee for $15 at the Daily Beet and I have only made 107 points on Duolingo Arabic so far. I will try to update this post if I can but the lessons got way harder.