January 4th 2020

Today I work up and went straight to meeting up with Tegan and picking up their keys. I am cat sitting their cat Stewart for the week while Tegan is away. I didn't know if we would get a chance to hang or not but ended up not having much time. So after Tegan left I went to Pagoda and waited in line for a coffee.

By the time I got my coffee and sat down my phone was dead. I pulled out a laptop to charge my phone with and it was also dead, so I pulled out another laptop and it too was dead. Finally I pulled out my Android phone, the forth device I had in my backpack and: Dead! So I took a deep breath and accepted having dead devices. I had a pair of pants with me that I was working on so I pulled those out and sat in the sun and sewed for a 2 hours. It was only one patch but I wanted to get it write and my thread kept bunching.

Another cool thing that happened today is that I joined melon.computer!

It has been on my radar for a while now but I came across them having an open call for new folks so I jumped on it. I have an accountant there at @wakest@melon.computer...

I decided to spend some time alone today just hanging out in this empty house. I haven't spent a day alone in a while now. Feeling good to just be quiet and such.

Today's Numbers: I bought a coffee for $2.48 at Pagoda Cafe, I ate two bowls of rice at Tegan's house, and a bowl of beans.