January 1st 2020

The start of a new year. I don't want to put too much energy into it being a new year as the calendar that we (as modern humans) follow seems completely arbitrary and based on silly logic.

pic posted on the fedi

I went this morning to meet Sunny for coffee at their new house in the upper nine. Was really nice to ketch up with a friend I haven't seen or talked to since I left town last time. We talked for a while at their house and then went my studio and showed them a bunch of stuff I am getting rid of. They took a big clay crock pot I have been carrying around for ages. We then went to go check out a new info shop just getting started in New Orleans called Cat's Claw. I ran into some friends there and got to ketch up with a number of people. There was free food there, rice and beans and ham and greens tho I guess not free in the sense that I gave them $2 donation. We drove back to Sunny's house and we chatted about money making schemes for a bit and made plans for me to teach them some web design stuff and then I parted ways. Went to the Orange Couch for an hour or so and bought a bagel with cream cheese for $3.15 and hung out till they closed at 4. I then went to my studio and cleaned up for a bit, did some stuff online, and then Richard Siday came by and we caught up for an hour or so.

I need to eat again I am super hungry now. I will drive back to Sarah's house now.

Got back to Sarah's house and K had already made some curry. I heated it up with rice and ate it with fresh mustard greens we still had from picking at Des last week. Then we went to try giving K their second driving lesson but when we got to the parking lot by the power plant it was chained off with a no parking sign. We drove around randomly for a while hoping to find a different one but to no avail and K was already getting tired so we called it a day and went back to Sarah's with no lesson in place. I finished my Arabic practice and made the first tic in a “streak” for 2020.

I was just researching alternative date formats because I wanted one for using at the title of a yearly blog post. But then I just got sidetracked researching that for the past half an hour instead of spending more time writing my thoughts down. While writing this quip I thought of my weird streak idea of the platonic solids or whatever the shapes are called that all have names and points. They all start with a point so today will be Point, tomorrow Line and by the third day I should have a Triangle.

Today's Numbers: I spent $5.15USD today. I got 53 points in Duolingo Arabic studies. I drank 3 (little) cups of home brewed coffee, 1 bagel with cream cheese, a plate of red beans and rice with ham and collard greens, a bowl of coconut curry and rice, one small brownie, and a single cup of water. (Update: I forgot I payed $300 in rent to DUCBO this day)