January 5th 2020

Today I woke up at two thirty pm, first time I have slept in, in a while. And the first sleeping in in a year. I was out late last night at Poor Boys catching up with Sarah. It was nice to be out late. I went and got a coffee as soon as I was all up and about. When I got to Pagoda it was in the process of closing. I asked if they had any coffee left and the barista was like “Heyyyy you're back!” and I was confused. They replied that we met at Hare Krishna temple a the day before I left for Berlin 6 months ago. They had remembered we watched a bird come and steal some food off a plate there. The cafe was out of normal drip coffee so they were kind to offer to make me an Americano for the same price. I had brought my own (well Tegans) cup with. I took the hot coffee and put it between my legs as I sat down in the Jeep and tried to drive. Of course it was too full and I poured some on my crotch right away and it hurt a bit.

I drove back to Sarah's house to get K. Charged phones for a bit and K got ready and we drove back across town. We were gonna practice driving in the parking lot of the music box, but when we got there, there were too many cars in it. Oh before that we got fries at Sneaky Pickle and I tried to explain Rojava and Kurdistan to K for pretty much the whole time we were there. I need to spend some more time reading about Rojava, I have been out of the loop the past year. I hope 'J' is okay, its been a while since we talked and we had vague plans to meet up in CA. 'J' being my friend who went to Rojava to help teach.

This image has been getting people banned on Twitter for some reason. Just injecting it here cause it seems appropriate. #NoWarOnIran, also posted to the fedi

We ended up driving to a parking lot by the Cajun Tomato Sauce wall and practiced for 30 minutes or so. After we stopped at my studio for a bit and I took this picture while looking through some stuff.

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I wanted to bring my scanner to Sarah's so we could scan our recent art there but I forgot to grab it, which was funny because it was why I went there in the first place. K went through a box of power cords looking for a 7.5v DC transformer so they could use my keyboard but sadly the keyboard wasn't working even when plugged in. Have to look into why, something is wrong with it since last time I used it.

We are back at Tegan's house now and I am just trying to finish up the days activities that I am committed to, like this here writing.

(update the next day: I called this post Hexagon but hex is six not five lol)

Today's Numbers: Did 131 points on Arabic Duolingo, spent $3.48 on a coffee at Pagoda Cafe, ate a large curry for free at the Hare Krishna temple, and shared a fries with K at Sneaky Pickle