January 15th 2020

I am getting tired of talking about my day here. I want to use this space for something more. I have been getting feedback that people have been reading my longer-form writing here and that makes me want to utilize this space for more then just recounting my steps. But then that means I have to look within and think about a topic to cover every day and that is much more challenging. Listing activities is so straight forward. I learned last night from a reply to a bug post that CJ Eller has been reading my blog. They are doing community management stuff with WriteFreely and I had already been following their blog since a few months back.

photo taken by K,click for fedi post ↬

I really wanted to write about something more meaningful today but I didn't plan around my time well enough and am now exhausted and falling asleep. I guess I will just have to try again tomorrow. Good thing each day is a new day and we get a second chance every second.

Today's Numbers: I made 133 points in Arabi Duolingo. K bought me coffee at Levee Bakery (but they gave us the coffee for free cause we offered them to come look through dumpstered clothes after work)