January 8th 2020

Woke up to a mission of getting K's computer from the Apple Store in Lakeview. Originally we were going to borrow Sarah's other car cause its “less dirty” but when I looked up directions I had realized it would mean driving an extra 30 or so minutes out of the way cause of traffic. So we took the Jeep back there. I am getting pretty comfortable driving stick which is an exciting new thing. From staying in Detroit 6 months ago to now there is a massive difference. If I was in Detroit again I could zoom around town just fine I think.

I guess I need to take programming seriously soon. I have known for ages that I want to be able to do that so I don't know what is holding me back. I think I just get scared of things I have thought about for too long and then never did anything about.

While at the Apple Store I played with a new iPhone for a while while we were waiting and took some pictures.

also on the fedi

I went over to Sunny's house cause they made pho, chatted for a while and then went to my studio to meet up with Corinne and Damon. They came over to look at stuff I was getting rid of.

I don't know what I am talking about really and its late so I guess I will just stop there. I was gonna work on deciding some things I am trying to cover in this blog for this week but I guess that can wait till another day.

If I just start writing more and more I will get more comfortable creating “content”

Today's Numbers: I bought one cup of coffee at Pagoda Cafe for $2.48 I made 159 points in Duolingo Arabic. I ate a bowl of rice with XO sauce. I spent $7.50 on fries and a PBR at Bar Redux with K