January 18th

How to start this written document? It is after midnight. I just put in a Sonic Youth tape after finishing my daily Arabic lesson. I only got a few songs into Sonic Youth before I heard back from my friend Sunny so headed to their house to hang and hopefully write there. If not I will head back here to my studio cause I only just started writing.

[written at 3am] Of course, plans change, they always do. I am back at my bus now. I went to go get Hank's chicken and then went to Sunny's house. Shortly after I got there Sunny needed to take Musa for a walk so we went to walk along the levee. I really wanted to write this post after having this long conversation with Corinne about capitalism and Silicon Valley and how its all designed to be like it is. Lots of little things designed to fit together to build a house of cards. Sustainability is intentionally left out of the diagram.

I was drawing connections between Fluxus and Neoism and how the art world revolves around the ego and elevating individualism as opposed to community action and flattening hierarchies.

“What 'new' loan words are you using? A word from another language [could be a computer language or #conlang] that you have integrated into your every day life.

I started using 'Habibi' a few years ago when I started trying to learn #Arabic. When I first went to Romania when I was 14 I learned 'noroc' and have been using that instead of cheers ever since.” question posted on the fedi

and the first response I got was:

my dad used to say that something would abend when it went wrong. I thought this was a normal word. Only in my 20's did I discover it's a COBOL programming term for “abnormal end of execution” -@sixohsix

speaking of fathers saying things: my father in 1981 (also on the fedi)

_Today's Numbers: I made 143 points on Duolingo Arabic, I bought a coffee at Sneaky Pickle for $3.78, I sold a bike at my studio for $10, and bought _