January 2nd 2020

Today I started out around 11am and made the last of the coffee from LA that K had been sharing with me. After talking for a few hours about plans with K, we ate a delicious lunch of leftovers outside in the yard. I put in laundry and folded the last of the laundry from yesterday. Swept up the old cat litter that Marbles (Sarah's kitten) keeps knocking about.

At 3pm I met up with Sunny at the Orange Couch and showed them how to build their first website. That was a fun process for me, trying to describe all the parts of how a website works and how DNS fits together and what that means. We worked on that till 6pm, and now I am just trying to write a bit before I have to leave.

I am going to meet up with Corinne and help them on their computer. Have to head there soon. Corinne is one of the reasons I moved to New Orleans in the first place. When I first came here with Famous and Felix, Corinne was the first person I made friends with.

I just finished with Corinne, we talked from 7 till 11 about computer security and how stuff works. It's something I care deeply about and the more I can explain it to others the better I can understand it myself. Explaining everything from the Intel Management Engine to why iMessage is worth fighting against. There are so many things to know. Too many in fact. So I need to focus my research on specific pars of computer science and not try to cover too wide a net as to have my knowledge just be surface level.

This photo is one Corinne took of me years ago when I lived with an 80 year old man named Ace in the lower east side of NYC.

on the fedi here

Today's Numbers: I did 72 points in Duolingo Arabic, spent $2.75 on a coffee at Orange Couch, had free miso soup, and avocado toast at Corinne's.