January 24th

This is the beginning of a new decade. An arbitrary selection of time that has been used for generations to denote 'something' important. What hyperstitious energy do I want to promote into being for this decade. What energy have I promoted in the last one. I guess I have been an active participant of 3 decades so far. The 1990's, the 2000's and the 2010's.


Madison Dreamtime


Dreamtime YIHS Madison Bay Area


NYC NOLA Berlin?


LA NOLA Berlin

Breaking my life up like that I can sort of make sense. But I fear its an arbitrary distinction that probably ends up creating more issues at some other position.

I could also break up my time into periods of “what I thought I wanted to do with myself”

Obsessed with 'girls' Travel the world permanently Be a crust punk and live on the remains of the system Start a Start up? Hipster life? Go into archiving Become a successful artist 3D Photographer Make music videos Be a mad scientist Say fuck it to everything I held dear and become a cold hard scientist International researcher of how culture and technology are a cybernetic system

Those are all pretty big pivots, though some of them overlap more then others. I want to have more purpose in my life. It feels like its starting to happen if only slowly. I think this will only happen by having many conversations.

I watched a number of movies on my plane ride, the first one of which was a documentary by the name Eden by Daniel Blaufuks that had a part about pirate TV stations and that was inspiring.

posted about it on the fedi here too

Today's Numbers: I spent the whole 24 hours in airports so I didn't buy much. Met some sweet folks who gave me a ride from the airport to Wedding and then I got a four pack of metro tickets for €9 and used one. When I got to Charlies house they made coffee, and then spent the afternoon helping them move into their new house. They bought me a delicious dinner for $8 in exchange for the moving help at Good Morning Vietnam