January 21st

I quickly checked the fediverse after working on Arabic for a while and saw this lovely quote:

“This is an ominous time. Napster is long dead. Aaron Swartz, too. Software is bad, but it doesn't have to be. From BitTorrent to Mastodon, distributed systems leverage the power of many to astonishing effect. Among archivists, pirates reign.” -@garbados

I don't know what I was gonna say about this quote but it stuck out to me so I thought to include it in my post. I even asked permission and they were down so, here it is without comment. This is not a comment.

on the fedi here

Today was the last full day in New Orleans before I journey back to Europe for Transmediale. The day went by quite fast, I feel like I was doing things all day long but not exactly sure what all I did. We went and had lunch at Red's Chinese and talked hung out there for a little while and then realized we had to do an annoying errand at the T-Mobile store, but I didn't have data to look up where one was. So we drove over to my studio and used the wifi outside and then headed to the one in gentilly. K got their phone turned back on and separated from my line that I was not going to pay while in Europe.

I haven't really packed yet, though I did narrow down my stuff quite a bit. I need to figure out what I am doing with this computer situation. I just told K I would trade my perfectly working Macbook Pro 2014 for their broken Macbook 2017. I figure I should be able to fix it but not sure how to do that yet. And do I bring it with me to Europe? Also I guess I need to wake up and fix the things for Hardi and save them somewhere so I can relinquish my laptop to K.

Ok I guess I should stop here and work on one of the other things. I don't want to feel overwhelmed tomorrow.

Today's Numbers: I made 108 points in Duolingo Arabic, I had coffee for free at Des, we bought fancy chicken and a beer for $17 at Red's Chinese, and bought gas for Sarah's car for $9.99