January 22nd 2020


I finished sewing on a patch onto a Moogfest tshirt Paloma gave me years ago. I wanted to cover over the front because it had the word 'VOLUNTEER' printed on the front and it always made me feel uncomfortable to wear it and not be volunteering. The thing I sewed on was part of a pair of underwear I have had for years that were really uncomfortable. The only reason I kept them was that the fabric had an incredible pattern on it. Anyway now its a cool tshirt.

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What did I pack:

Black bomber jacket with the orange inside and Elisa Malo patch on the back. Neon orange beanie with a black 'NOISE' patch on it. Over ear German made headphones that I got for a trade in LA. 1/8th inch to lightning adapter Light blue duffel back with yellow handles Redwing Boots Paloma bought me with the pink laces Red belt (did I lose it?)

Freitag bag that Jed dumpstered Swell brand water bottle Pink hair brush made by WET iPhone 7 and battery backpack by Mophie Samsung Galaxy 6 Little Chanel bag from surgeon dumpster International adapter (surgeon dumpster) Airpods I bought in SF when they first came out Apple USB brick DE and US Apple Lightning to HDMI Purple USB A to Micro Ursula K Le Guin's The Disposessed paperback Beige mutantfest pullover Glow in the dark poodle tshirt Blue Ugh tshirt Para tshirt Big black and white glitch sweater Black and blue sweater Saturday’s surf flannel (dumpstered) with Killerbanshee patch Dream catcher socks A SD card case filled with various SIM cards Two usb sticks Samsung 256gb flash drive WD 1tb platter drive 1 USB A to USB 3 super speed cable 2 USB A to lighting iPhone cable (long and short) 1 USB A to USB C cable 1 Ledger nano

Dell XPS 13inch (with power adapter) ‘this’ tshirt Totally faded Paloma glitch tshirt Moroccan frames I have never warn before Moroccan long underwear Grey leopard print leggings Plain grey leggings Newly sewed on knees brown jeans from Paloma Two hair ties, a leopard print one and a pink one (on my wrist)

Malachite ring from Brianne Panther ring from Lyx Random white stone ring from Olya Three iron bands (forgot where) Brass watch band from soho trash Old needle right from Ausra Pinky shell ring (Lyx I think)

Single pearl necklace found on the ground in front of Saint Louis cemetery A silver ring that fell out of Palomas box (wearing in my neck) Black long scarf Blue thin scarf designer hanker chief found in nyc subway Little grey backpack with berlin asemic catdog patch Black and white marble pattern patch (to sew) Pink and blue boot patch (to sew) Blue trash future patch An 80's head band from the surgeon dumpster (to sew)

One screen wiping cloth 4 Velcro strips Black plastic iPhone back case with stickers Kitco fannypack (from Abu Dhabi thrift store) A spool of black thread Ziplock bag with soap from Roy in LA Loofa from K A grey small string pouch Little black and rainbow umbrella bag a clear plastic zipper bag 5 microns of various sizes red brush marker green pen black eyeliner pen a small glue stick (from berlin?) Pink tooth brush Rainbow tooth brush left over Tom's tooth paste one disposable razor blue cutoff gloves Green socks from New Zealand Black and silver glitter socks Purple cotton socks (from Lyx) A pair of unmatched grey and beige socks White and red stripped socks Purple and black pinstriped socks

Black tshirt with little white threads that stick out

2 pairs of Uniqlo underwear I bought in Berlin 1 pair of black underwear dumpstered in Ireland 1 pair of brown cutoff leggings that are now like underwear

Stuff I am Wearing:

Moogfest tshirt Blue leopard print long sleeved longunderwear shirt Mysterious eggplant pullover Bluejeans Klaas gave me Pink pants from the plastic surgeon dumpster

Number's Today: 27 points in Duolingo Arabic (I was flying to no WIFI and then went to a bar with Angel so no wifi so only did a few lessons while we were readying to go to the bar), $17 for a beer and a glass of wine at The Corner, one cup of coffee before I left Sarah's house