January 20th 2020

This post was deleted cause I clicked the wrong button but it mostly consisted of talking about writing my bio to Transmediale which I had “backed-up” from the email I sent them. Tried to recreate it later best I could.

portrait of me by Paloma Kop, also posted on the fedi here

Liaizon Wakest grew up in an anarchist commune in rural America. They can be found climbing into dumpsters from Mexico to Kazakhstan looking for trash to make art with. In recent years they have been focused on research into ethical technology and infrastructural anarchism. Find out more about them at wake.st (It will eventually exist on the Transmediale website here.

a still life also on the fedi

I found this patch me and Paloma made while we were in Berlin the first time, it had been sewn onto Paloma's bag, I forgot we both had different patches on our bags that we made together at Vetomat (an anarchist silkscreen studio in Berlin) on the fedi with more pictures

Today's Numbers: Made 165 points in Duolingo Arabic, spent 18.18 at Pho Tau Bay