I missed yesterday.

April 4th+5th 2020

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It happens. The guilt will pass.

Yesterday I built a small wall along my path to the bus. There were all these bricks laying around and I wanted to put them to use. I also remade the firepit wall, before it had been half knocked over and trampled and many of the bricks were smashed, so I rebuilt it with only full bricks. I took the time to chisel off the all the mortar around all the old bricks so that they would stack cleanly.

I made some jam tonight. I picked black raspberries, loquats and mulberries. I didn't add anything, only boiling them down and evaporating the water. Ended up with slightly less then one pint jar of jam. mIEKAL said it should be fine in the fridge for weeks without any additives. Now I just need to get my flour.

There are three things I need to remember. I have forgotten two of them. The one thing that I still do remember is that two of the things have been forgotten.

I am sitting in my bus really wishing I had some snacks. I don't really have any snack food at all here. The closest thing to snack food I have currently is half a bag of goji berries. It was a full bag yesterday but then I started munching on them while watching something last night and ate way too many of them...

So I wrote the above paragraph and went into the house to look for a snack. While I was toasting a piece of bread in the kitchen, my roommate (sleep?) walked into the hallway and peed all all over the floor about three feet from the bathroom door. Either they were super drunk or sleep walking. But either way I have never seen someone randomly walk into a room and pee all over the floor.