January 26th 2020

Slept till 4pm (Berlin time) and slowly got dressed and ready for the day. Meandered around the house a bit and talked to Tibo about Russian jams for a while while I decided on what cafe to walk to. I didn't get out of the house till a bit after dark and walked to Cuccuma Cafe. Got a coffee there and chilled for maybe 2 hours and then met up with Tibo and Charlie and talked about New Media Arts and the 'Aesthetics of Politics' while they ate dinner at mokkabar. Tibo recommended the Çiğ köfte at Köfte 61 and I let them borrow my headphones so they could go for a walk and listen to a podcast. Me and Charlie went to the köfte place and I ordered to go (and we drank free sweet Turkish tea while we waited) and also I bought a €2 mango ayran drink that they made there in recycled jars.

We walked back to the house right after cause Charlie had to submit a PR for work asap.

Worked on more fedi preparation for the workshop. After a while Charlie was done with programing and asked if I wanted to watch something. And I had asked earlier in the night if they knew about the Kyoto Animation arson attack and they hadn't. So we wanted to watch something that Kyoto Animation had made. Charlie researched it a bit and found one of their most recent shows to watch called Violet Evergarden (or ヴァイオレット・エヴァーガーデン in Japanese.) and at the end of episode one there is this Asemic/Conlang clock that I really liked:

posted about here

Today's Numbers: Bought one coffee at Cuccuma Cafe for €2.30 and spent €6.47 for a Çiğ köfte and a homemade mango ayran drink at Köfte 61, and made 69 points in Duolingo Arabi before bed