January 6th 2020

Woke up around 11am and made coffee (and matcha for K) and sat on Tegan's porch to drink it. After coffee I heated up leftover Hare Krishna food and ate that for early lunch. We went for a walk randomly around the neighborhood.

K took this picture of me in front of a silly sign. (also posted here)

We talked about our plans and how to move our bodies into the future and how to make our desires a reality. I don't know how the day went by so fast actually. We got back in mid afternoon and I was reading about Kurdistan and looking at cute pictures of Abdullah Ă–calan holding doves. Later on in the evening we drove to Sneaky Pickle and K got an order of Fries. I wasn't going to have any but of course I did anyway cause they have such good hot sauce.

After fries we drove to Mardi Gras Zone and wondered around for a while. I bought some english muffins and they weren't in the database of products on sale and the cashier was really confused and then started googling how much english muffins sell for and just made up a random number to sell them to me for.

(update: there were pears in the smoothie says K from bed)

Today's Numbers: I made 134 points on Duolingo Arabic, K gave me a banana peanut butter almond milk smoothie, I spent $4.68 on canned pumpkin and english muffins at Mardi Gras Zone