January 16th 2020

Going backwards through the day: I just finished my Arabic studies and it felt good like its getting fun. Leaning whole sentences and such. Klaas just left my studio, we talked about all sorts of potential Berlin sharing plans. The idea of sharing a studio so they could use my studio here and I could use theirs there was discussed. That would help each other out greatly. I gave Klaas a bunch of power cords for their music project. Tried to give them some other stuff but they snuck out with a small pile.

bad picture of klaas I took to send to a friend (on the fedi)

Prier to meeting Klaas at Okay Bar I was going through and sorting all my new photographs I found in the dumpster.

I had started doing that when Corinne was here. Corinne was over for many hours going through stuff. They filled their van again with all my shit for the project. Damon was over helping too. We went through many many boxes.

We really made a last minute dent in getting rid of stuff. Oof stuff can be a crazy nightmare. I am feeling like things are looking up though. Moving forward in unexpected ways.

I really need to try to write this blog post in two sections. Write for a bit in the first part of the day and then finish at the second part of the day. This is all a learning process. I don't know anyone who blogs every day. And I can see why, its a lot of work to set aside time every single day to do anything let alone something like writing.

Was just distracted by looking at my phone and opening Instagram, I clicked on a Bernie Sanders ad and they were talking about the election. I was surprised cause I didn't realize the beginning of the primary was soo soon. The first states in the Democratic Party primary are in March. I guess I should be in the States for that. I wonder where my vote would make the most sense. Since I don't really live anywhere I could just register where-ever riiight?

Today's Numbers: I made 167 points on Duolingo Arabic, I spent 14$ on beer and two tacos at Okay Bar and pinned a dollar on a my friend Tricia's shirt for their birthday