January 27th 2020

I wasn't able to sleep for more then 4 hours last night. So I woke up around 6 and was reading the HN thread about recutils which incidentally was something I was just wondering about whether existed or not. It seems potentially almost exactly what I was wishing existed. I will have to play with it a bit but it seeks close. I guess I need contacts that are super flexible but yet allow me to query the data in interesting ways. Maybe what I really want is a good wiki but I want it to work offline and not have to use a web browser. I know what I don't want but I guess I don't know exactly what I do want. Learning how to quickly make a markdown link without having to look it up sure is a positive outcome of working on this blog. I have been using markdown too periodically for years and that stopped me from ever really progressing.

a cute hidden place I passed today on the fedi here

Today's Numbers: I bought a shawarma for €3 at Sesam, I bought coffee for me and Rra at Café Cinema for €6, then we went to another cafe afterwords to and Rra bought us coffee, Rra got sushi for all of us at ?, and I bought a drink at Café Cinema for me and Rra for €8. I made 83 points on Duolingo Arabic