January 7th 2020

I just sat down with headphones and listened to an album by SHXCXCHCXSH on repeat to get over my fear of buying flights. I ended up purchasing a Norwegian Air ticket from Fort Lauderdale (basically Miami) to Paris for $155.50 and then I bought another ticket on Spirit Air for $26.40 from leaving New Orleans at 6:47 PM on January 22nd and arriving in Fort Lauderdale at 9:40 PM that night. I am going to try to hang out with my friend Angel who I was really bummed I didn't get to see when I missed Art Basel. The next day I will catch the 7:15pm flight from Fort Lauderdale to France. I will arrive at 9:35am the next day at Charles De Gaulle Airport, which is outside of Paris. Maybe I will try to spend the night there and hang out with Koo Des. I haven't got my connection to Berlin from there yet but that part is easy and should be covered by the festival I am helping at. I will make an official post about that sooner then later. I am still uncertain if I am allowed to talk about it publicly.

I burnt an English muffin earlier today and took a picture of it cause it was pretty, (posted on the fedi here)

As a cropped image it made a good background for my phone (picture on the fedi.)

This morning at Pagoda I sewed on most of the other knee onto the pants I am fixing.

posted on the fedi here

Ok this seems like it qualifies as a blog post. It's bigger then a microblog post so that means it counts! And it has links!

Number's Today: I made 150 points on Arabic Duolingo. I spent $2.48 on coffee at Pagoda cafe. I also bought two plane tickets for a total of $181.90, I had one bowl of soup that K made, I ate 2 English muffins, I forget what else.