January 17th

Sitting here eating a found slice of pizza at Poor Boys while K dances to tacky gay house music. They just saw I was doing this and wanted to come give me a massage while I wrote this blog post. Cant say no to such a thing. We spent most of the afternoon working on their website filthy.ooo. Went home around 5 and ate lentil soup and chicken. Responded to some messages, K took a nap, tried to do my Arabic studies and was having a hard time but powered through. Starting to feel the progress paying off.

I spent half an hour or so (while K was napping) explaining what the genre of Noise Music consisted of to Sarah’s friend Kota who is currently visiting for a week. Oh actually remembering the order better. I had to finish laying out this Sorani Kurdish translation of the brochure I designed for Space21, the Sound Art festival in Iraq. That was what I was doing for like two or so hours before I even started Arabic lessons. It feels good to have a bunch of projects scheduled lately. Maybe I just need to keep that up for my mind to feel fulfilled. The Corinne project has been nice to be involved with, makes me want to distribute the rest of my stuff to other projects that will actually utilize the stuff. Getting rid of everything I am not actually going to utilize in the foreseeable future frees me to focus on the foreseeable future. It really is that simple.

(updates from the next day that I forgot)

Today's Numbers: I bought a coffee for $2.75 at HiVolt cafe, and put the remaining 0.25 in the tip jar, I made 110 points in Duolingo Arabic, pulled out $20 dollars to get into a dance party at Poor Boys and then the ATM charged me $3 dollars fee, and when Venmo alerted me it said I was charged $25.50, the venue said they would give us a discount cause they didn't have change for $100, so they charged us $16, and then I bought a $3 dollar drink and tipped $1