January 11th 2020

I left the house briefly to meet up with Creighton to talk about them buying the bus. We were talking about them paying it off over the next year. I want it to be someone else's problem. Whatever its all just money. I can just sell it all and start again anytime. Time is the only thing that is limited. One life to live and all that. Imagine all that has happened in the last years of my life that only happened because someone stopped what they were doing and started doing something else.

I am quite tired and don't really know what I am trying to say today. I am listening to a random album that was listed on Bandcamp daily that is very good. I only found it cause i searched for the Bandcamp app on my backup android phone and instead of the app opening it somehow searched google and gave me the latest post on their blog instead of the app. So I was like em might as well press play. I was listening to one of the tracks that had a bunch of the samples of George Bush talking gibberish. It reminded me of getting all of Eddy's tracks years ago. Things to follow through on. Go save the DTV zine archive? I have been thinking of this for years I wonder what it looks like these days.

also on the fedi

The amount of random connections that come back to haunt (in a good way) me later on is quite impressive. Maybe the main interaction is just a flame that lights another flame but that doesn't diminish it.

Somehow thinking of missed connections I just thought to look up Herbert Brün and came cross this video “Why Cybernetics? Or, When you might need cybernetics.

Looking them up I didn't realize how tied they were to the cybernetics stuff. It all ties together. Why I care about all these things I care about and how all these weird influences as a child came to make me who I am today. I guess that make me want to have influence on youth today cause that's the only hope in a future is if the youth are influenced with interesting ideas other then consumerist garbage.

“The world has things in it, but they're not there as things, the thing-id-ness comes from the way we assert aspects”

-from a random cyberntics video I just got distracted by, also posted the quote on the fedi

(update from next day: I was so tired I got the date and the name of this post totally wrong! fixed to Hendecagon and January 11th!)

Today's Numbers: I drank two cups of coffee. I didn't spend any money. I ate one bowl of left over curry and one bowl of fresh lentil soup.