January 9th 2020

I was doing some research into the German pronoun Xr. and discovered the 3rd person singular pronoun 𓆑 in Egyptian Hieroglyphics and came to see that there are 9 counting dot symbols already encoded in same unicode block:

𓃉 π“ƒŠ 𓃋 π“ƒŒ 𓃍 π“ƒŽ 𓃏 𓃐 𓃑

I want to go back and add these to the titles of the last 8 posts since this is the ninth there is one for each. I don't know what that does but somehow it adds something special.

I have still been thinking about some sort of time tracker that uses special shapes that are β€œcollectable” to help motivate me to do things repeatedly for a set amount of time. I have been thinking about this on and off since it first hit me in Berlin earlier this year. I guess I should really mock up a visual of what I am thinking. I think Eilis is the only person I have tried to explain this to. Though it probably comes to me through Paloma drawing platonic solids on everything.

I want to be able to write about my ideas in a way that is digestible to many other humans, and approachable in non computery way. I read so much information and feel so grateful people take the time to explain things in words to others. I would be in another world entirely if it wern't for work of millions of people sitting down and making their ethereal thoughts into a physical form. Something with little shapes either through light and electrons or paper and ink.

I did a few errands today. Firstly, meeting Monica at my studio and pulling out my special shelf I had built for all my books at NOOLAB. I donated it to Cats Claw and Monica was picking it up...

I just discovered they have a Patreon and became their third patron... (also made a sharable post about this on the fedi)

After that was all done me and K went to Des so I could meet up with Kat (my studio mate) cause they are interested in buying Paloma and I's old Datsun. I showed them the deal and they seemed interested and will let me know...

While we were there me and K picked a bunch more mustard greens. The last time we picked them we ate greens every day for like a week it was great. Then I drove K back to the house and rushed to pick up Lila. I was asked to β€œbaby sit” today so their mother could work late. I cooked us some food and we watched a few internet videos together. Lila picked the first one which was about a talking cat who goes to court only to meow at the judge and then I picked the second one (fedi link) about Precious Plastic V4 launch.

Lila showed me their awesome drawings and I asked if I could take a few pictures of them. also posted on the fedi with more pictures

Still need to add some more focus to the content of this blog. But I need focus to focus my focus. How meta.

Today's Numbers: 171 on Arabic Duolingo, bought a a coffee at Pagoda (and a cookie for K) for $4.68.