January 19th

missing some of post cause I stupidly deleted it cause of bad UX (had some of it in my notes)

Sitting at Hare Krishna with my laptop out. A first time for everything. We just walked a a few miles through city park for the Lantern Parade. It was K's first parade they could think of. We ran into many friends. First person we saw was Corinne, I asked them about some trash I sent them a picture of. Then Sam Feather happened to be standing next to them and I hadn't recognized their new mustache. We talked about the pros and cons of New Orleans after I overheard Sam say to K

“Capitalism is everywhere, but I guess its a little softer here” -Sam Feather

After a while we ran into Cam Powel and Mike (who works at the Community Print shop) and Cam complimented my “saftey vest” that I was wearing. I had explained I had dumpstered it from the SoHo fire department when they remodeled. My timeline gets blurry.

Other people we ran into were Clay Mazing, whose candle I lit a number of times. Allison Reho, whomsted I had run into earlier when leaving my studio (they are a studio mate) and gave them a head lamp for the parade. Shirt (who is now going by the name Shape) gave me a beer, and gave K a smoke. Leslie, who complimented our plantain chip bag candle holder. Process, who I apologized for missing their clothing swap I had told them I was gonna go to. Toby, who gave me a coffee for free from their job as a barista this morning. Damon, who was wearing a scary costume and we talked about futuristic tattoos embedded under your skin. Prince Charlie, who I hadn't seen in a long time and we caught up briefly and K talked to them about their black face paint.

Some random people walking by talked about their friend whomst got a 'burning church' tattoo and I responded to them that it sounded like a lovely tattoo idea but they kept walking and didn't look over.

Afterwords we made our way to Hare Krishna with no data (and I discovered that google maps works to do full navigation with no data if you download the city first) and now we are back to the beginning of this post.

CJ and I, taken by K also on the fedi

Back in my studio, hanging with CJ who gave us water and I shared my skittles. I asked K while writing the above about the spelling of the word whos or who's or whose and they told me I should read the ' as a the dot above the i of is because who's = who is which is a good trick I think I learned as a kid but had long forgotten.

Today's Numbers: I made 150 points in Duolingo Arabic