January 12th 2020

What is it that a day holds? How does linear time fit between ones mind and the physical aspects of molecular space. The energy I have for waking up in the morning is coming from the sun either presently or slightly delayed in the form of the sun turning dirt into plants into food. The sun is still where all of our energy as humans comes from weather directly or indirectly. What does the sun have to do with my mind? It made my mind. It made it out of plants and time.

The world around me is made of matter. Matter is moment of invisible things. I want to keep learning and exploring. I need to keep injecting energy and movement into the network that is my brain.

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The photo above I happened across in Lila's notebook. Lila is the daughter of Sarah who's house I am staying in right now. What is a phone to a young forming mind? It is glowing energy. It is made of light and movement. We build this modern world out of crystals. We still have millions of slaves digging the crystals out of the ground by hand. When you pick up one of these digital devices you are touching the work of millions of people. The ideas and efforts and hopes and creativity of millions of people. But we don't treat this powerful energy with awe that needed to exist in order for it to exist in the first place.

Matter/energy don't come from no where. It is continually remixing and repositioning itself ad infinitum. That is the law. That is the way.

Language is this conduit between the physical and the ethereal. Where does reality begin and language to describe that reality end? Cybernetics is still such an important topic and the fact that it has a cool ring to it makes it seem less important then it is. The Ecology of Systems could be a different way to describe cybernetics.

I think I dreamed of being involved with School for Designing a Society when it was coming and visiting Dreamtime but I was too young and energetic to sit still for long enough. I should interview Rob Scott about their experiences at SfDaS. I bet that would be fascinating. Maybe I should start a podcast. Fucking corporations ruined podcasts for me somewhat. My association now with podcasts and radio is listing to ads injected into information I care about and then all the podcast “shows” I was excited about being turned into ad platforms or being consumed by Spotify. Maybe that is even more of a reason to start a podcast.

Number's Today: I ate one bowl of lentil soup. I bought one coffee at the Orange Couch for $2.01 (they charged me only a dollar (+$1 tip) cause I complimented their cool shorts) and we went to eat a meal at Hare Krishna. I made 189 points in Duolingo Arabic