Do I talk about all the things that happened today?

April 3rd

fedi photo post

Or do I go into detail as to what I learned from those things? Again with asking myself endless questions. That is all I really have are more questions. I did some serious cleaning today and that surely was a good thing.

I sit here across from a mirror. I don't think this mirror is helping my focus though so maybe I will have to move it. I finally have working internet in the bus thanks to a hacked wireless router that Mikey have me. Its even flashed to DD-WRT, I named it TRASH FUTURE.

If I set up more of a kitchen thing here I think I would be better equipped to be settled in this bus for a bit. That and a fan. I guess I could get this aircon running again...

I put off writing again too long and now I just feel burnt out. I have to remember I need to write early on in the evening if I am actually going to do this writing every day.

Watching movies in the bus without having to download them first is gonna be really nice. I think it will help me spend more time in here. I only wish the bus wasn't so slanted. I guess I should try to rehab the batteries. That is a process I could attempt to do without having to spend a bunch of money...