January 10th 2020

Today I stayed in the neighborhood all day. We woke up around 11am and I ate some hummus and pita while we cooked lunch together. We made a coconut curry with aubergine, sweet potato, mushrooms, and mustard greens. We ate it leftover rice on Tegan's porch. K didn't get much sleep the night before so they decided they wanted to take a nap after lunch and I skateboarded to Pagoda cafe.

I cut up my ZineFeast Vol 2 shirt because it was so stained and gross looking but I kept the patch. I brought a Paloma's Moogfest volunteer tshirt with me that I was going to sew the patch onto. I got all the stuff out and was going to sew it together when I realized I forgot my thread.

Re: The Elusive Triple Entendre (post by bluebird) 'I've lost the thread' (this piece of information on the internet) 'I've lost the thread' (piece of string or yarn) 'I've lost the thread' (of this conversation)

I just made this connection. So before I left for the cafe, while we were eating lunch, I spent 20 minutes or so trying to explain what a double entendre was, and how one was was different then an innuendo. And how the sexual references fit into all of this. I forget exactly how it started but we were eating #🍆 curry after all. So the above tripple entendre was the one I had found and read out loud to explain the concept. And then 20 minutes later I literally lost my thread. That's pretty damn cool.

After I put away my failed sewing mission at the cafe some random folks sat down at the table next to me. I talked about webdesign with them for a while because they mentioned they worked with an agency that did webdesign for Tulane University. My ears perked up when I heard that “we set it up so everyone at Tulane gets a Squarespace!” and I was like wait what? They then clarified that they were just using Squarespace as an example of a custom host that one can set up on a university subdomain and that the system their company works on is actually built on Wordpress.

After I got home me and K started working on a website for them. Originally we were just going to look at some websites that they thought were inspiring and see where it went from there. After spending sometime on their friend Cru Camara's website I quickly decided we should just build it on since it was the easiest place to get started on with what they had in mind. K doesn't know CSS or HTML yet so that was not really the best option. I am bringing this up cause I know what a lot of you may be thinking, why is a person who cares about decentralization and federation showing someone how to use centralized website builders not self hosted static folder based etc. And to you I say: how many of you are still using GitHib because it's the most convenient even though you disagree with it intellectually.


I bring you:


this is the home page

and this is the about page

(Also a post on the fedi about it here.)

While K was working on the website I made lentil soup and a pot of rice. We took a break and ate together. Oh and sometime in the midst of all this my friend Adam (whom I went to high school with) stopped by to deliver a package from Wisconsin to Tegan (whomst I also went to high school with) and I filled them in on my recent fediverse 'work' and explained some recent fediverse drama like the Gab situation and some info-sec stuff.

The last thing I did (which is actually out of order I did this much earlier in the night) is send an email to a MissKey contributor to see if they would be interested in helping me figure out some issues getting funding for the main MissKey developer Shinoda Eiji. I had actually sent the email a few days ago, but I sent it to the wrong person!

It is almost 3am here in New Orleans and I need to get to sleep. Good night internet!

Today's Numbers: I made 178 in Arabic Duolingo, I bought a coffee (with a free refill) for $2.20 and I bought K a cookie also for $2.20