03.13.2021 “random connection to hated people “

Raving alone in a crowd of strangers in a Berlin warehouse. I had gone with a person I met at this random free ex hostel place I was staying at. I had met their friend at Clock Cafe in Morocco who was from Berlin, and when I learned I was headed there I hit them up and asked if I could stay with them. I didn't stay in touch with either of these people though. The only person I had stayed in touch with for much time was this Polish photographer who also lived at the hostel. I guess the only reason we stayed in touch was because they had a Tumblr that I had followed and would see their pictures pop up now and then. Many years later I was in Berlin and I met up with them again. They told me this bizarre story about how they were close friends with Martin Shkreli. Not that that is in any way relevant but its a weird link from sitting in a random cafe in Morocco to being one step removed from one of the most hated people online. I guess my other random connection to hated people was a time I was in NYC at this gallery I worked at and these random geeky kids walked in and I was just headed to go to a noise show. I invited them to come with me and they agreed. It turned out that one of them was Weev. I didn't know who Weev was at the time. They just seemed like an awkward nerd, I started talking to them on our walk and they told me they were waiting for some trial to happen and then probably head to prison. They explained the only reason they god in trouble was for writing a script that checked random strings in an AT&T website and suddenly one of the strings gave them access to a ton of data. Anyway there's the story of how I am connected through random means to some awful people.