03.12.2021 “don't seem to be famous”

Woke up and and had coffee with Lucia before they left for the weekend. I biked to meet Aram at their house so I could get some sour dough mother. I hadn't gone on a long bike ride in a while. Half way through, my chain started falling off and continued to do so every 5 minutes or so. I managed to make it to the house and while I was there borrowed some tools to tighten my chain. I was about to leave and head back when my friends asked if I wanted to go on a scooter ride with them. I had been waiting for my room mate to get back to me about doing an errand but I said fuck it and went cause scooters are fun. We rode to the levee and drank some beers. I hadn't had beer in probably a month and it was nice. When we got back to their house, Aram asked if I wanted to keep borrowing the scooter. Oh the other thing was that Aram's neighbour was outside and I started talking to them. It turned out that they were from Jaffna, Sri Lanka. We talked about politics and Tamil for a while which was pretty invigorating, they didn't know who M.I.A. was, though I wasn't surprised by that, they don't seem to be famous there, I showed them a Yung Raja video and they laughed and said they only really listen to Bollywood music like SD Burman. I left Aram's house and made my way to a gallery opening my studio mate had some pieces in. I spent a few hours hanging out with folks there. It was the first time I had been out with that many people in New Orleans since the beginning of the pandemic.

(this post was written the next day cause I fell asleep before I got to writing my post...)