03.10.2021 “a sugary dust “

A reactive mind with a heavy hand. Beautiful accents on the window sill, only a few nails sticking out. Revolving door frame with a stationary door. Caveats after caveats. Crumbs from the morning mix with crumbs from dinner.

A sadness penetrates throughout a seldom used room in the back of used car showroom. Functionally it has always been this way. The sadness hangs in the air of an unused and uncared for space. But this sadness can make space for a newness too. The connotations of sad always being a negative limit a reality in which everything is a gateway for something else. There is only duality. The worst things can be the gateways to the most beautiful, but that is also true in reverse.

A sweetness penetrates. The sweet flavor of a sugary dust hangs in the air. Clashing pallets set aside for future generations. The color of a closet wall forever distracting its inhabitants. Real confusion with a molecular precision.

A caravan of coca cola supply vehicles parked in front of a dollar general. It represents something sinister but always out of reach to explain the full ploy. Given a choice everyone would take a van for themselves and drive real fast in the other direction. Why stop there?

The intersection waits for us to stop paying attention and eventually that attention gets consumed. We all fail to see what is directly in front of us. Is this a shortcut?