03.02.2021 “cybernetic organs”

Scrolling the horrors of Instagram and came across the newest video by my friend Nathan Oglesby about the etymology of the word government. Kubernetes from is the Greek word meaning pilot or steersman which is how we got the word cybernetics. Cybernetics just happens to have the word net in it which is a euphemism for web but which has nothing to do with the etymology of the word network

“Finally, it should be noted that cybernetic organs replace man's in the performance of mental operations: they are 'thinking machines.'” -Louis Couffignal

The idea that networking and even social networking doesn't actually need to have anything to do with computers. That the act of interacting with people through mediated forms of communication is in it self a networked act. And by mediated I mean any time there is something passing information from one point to another with something in-between.

I started my day off feeling behind. I had looked at my phone first thing and saw there was a message from Zenna and I instantly remembered I had had a meeting that I had forgotten about. We are in very different time zones and had been having trouble aligning our schedules. By that I mean I sleep in most of the time till noon where ever I am for some strange reason. Probably because I stay up reading the internet till I pass out from exhaustion. Anyway I jumped out of bed and messaged Zenna back and said I could meet in 30 minutes. I had also promised my landlord I would let them into my studio to install new sprinkler heads. I quickly dressed and grabbed my laptop and a rain jacket (it looked a little damp out) and jumped on my bike. I felt pretty good about how quickly I had managed to get from sleeping position to almost at the bridge. There is a bridge about 5 blocks from my house that must be crossed for me to get pretty much anywhere in New Orleans. I made it to the bridge exactly in time for the bridge to be pulled up (it's a bascule bridge, which I did not know until I just looked it up cause I was writing draw bridge which didn't feel right) and as I was waiting at the mouth of the bridge it started pouring rain. I didn't know how hard it was going to rain and I almost turned back but felt the pressure to not let anyone down (mainly my landlord whomst I have a fear of) but by the time the bridge came back down I was already soaked so figured I might as well keep biking. It continued to downpour more and more. My shoes and pants were at maximum saturation, and I felt as if I were underwater. I was almost to my studio when I thought about how I don't a change of clothes there at all and the thought of spending another extra minute in my soaking clothes was unbearable. I decided to bike to Lucia's house with the thought that that would be the quickest way to get out of wet clothes and into dry ones.

After drying off and feeling my fingers again I was able to reschedule with the landlord and call Zenna. The call went really well and I found out there was a likelihood I could get paid for my time working on the festival we were discussing. More on that later as it materializes.

I feel content on the amount of text I have put into this here page and think I am ready to move onto other tasks.